Turn the page, and discover the world of ATARI magic that's waiting for you.....again

The Adventure Begins
You travel through an enchanted land, searching for the golden chalice. Fortunately, you find it before a dragon finds you. To celebrate this ADVENTURE, you dine with PAC-MAN, who is as charming as ever. Then, much as you hate to eat and run, it's off to the Razak Solar System to take part in YARS' REVENGE.

The Options Are Unlimited
This is just the beginning of the many fantasies you can enjoy on the ATARI Video Computer System game. And, there's no end to the excitement - because ATARI creates new Game Program cartridges all the time.

The Fun is Real
From colorful clowns to furry tarantulas, ATARI games feature graphics that are delightful and imaginative. And, from screeching missiles to mysterious footsteps, realistic sound effects add to the fun.

And It's Real Easy
All ATARI games are easy to learn, so everyone can enjoy them right away. Difficulty switches let you control the level of challenge - so a beginner can play a satisfying game against …

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