Atari announces the development of two mobile games in exclusive partnership with Jonathan Cheban " Foodgōd "

Atari, one of the publishers and producers of interactive entertainment's most famous in the
world and Jonathan Foodgōd, television personality, social influencer, entrepreneur and passionate about cooking, reached, at the of end March 2018, an exclusive partnership for the development of 2 mobile games. RollerCoaster Tycoon Touch, which already has over 13 million fans, will see new restaurant attractions offering a wider audience. In addition, a new version of Food Fight, an arcade game hit from the 80s, will be developed on mobile and up to date with the contributions of Jonathan Foodgōd.

Made famous by his contributions to the reality TV series about the Kardashian family, Foodgōd brings together a community of nearly 3 million fans who follow his daily news and culinary recommendations on social networks.

This collaboration will combine the popularity and knowledge of Foodgōd with the expertise of Atari in mobile games, offering addictive gameplay and a new genre. Stephen Belafonte is one of the producers of the game. The partners plan a development of RollerCoaster Tycoon by the end of 2018 followed, based on lessons learned from the first game, by the progressive introduction of Food Fight worldwide.

This agreement is part of the strategy deployed by Atari for many years and follows the Game Developers Conference ( "GDC", March 2018, San Francisco). This strategy and its recent advances revolve around business lines and with the following recent announcements:

- Video Games: Partnership with Jonathan Foodgōd;
- Atari VCS: presentation to the press of the new multimedia console;
- TV / Movies and licenses: continued strategic discussions.