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Friday, July 13, 2018

The Edge: Night Driver (iOS, Android)

Title: Night DriverTM
Genre: Endless Driver, Racing*
Platform: iOS, Android
Players: Single Player
Publisher: Atari
Developer: Gameaholic Ltd.
Release Date: 2018
Price: Free-to-Play

Game Overview:

Own the road in Night DriverTM, a fast-paced, single-handed endless driver set
under the dark sky. Based on the classic, groundbreaking Atari® hit of the same
name that started the racing genre, Night Driver is the exhilarating, re-imagined
update. Unleash nitrous boost to go full throttle through stunning locations at night
from city freeways to coastal resorts as you maneuver past other vehicles and
obstacles, avoiding collisions on ever-changing roadways. Upgrade and enhance
your car’s performance, look and choose from a range of slick and powerful vehicles
to dominate the illuminated roadway.

Key Features:

● Endless Driver: Take the wheel for an exciting and endless open road
adventure. Maneuver around traffic and other obstacles to avoid collisions as
you skillfully drift around tight twists and turns.
● Vehicles: Choose from a variety of different cool and powerful vehicles
including muscle, sports and exotic cars, each delivering a unique style and
● Vehicle Controls: Control your road racer in portrait mode with one hand
using Night Driver’s revolutionary control method – full arcade handling with
a single finger input!
● Garage: Change your vehicle’s style and tune-up and view your beautiful
collection of vehicles in 360 degrees in your showroom.
● Environments: Speed through the night across breathtaking and sprawling
locales, from dusty desert roads to the lights of the city and casino strip.
● Multiple Game Modes: Play the game in different ways including: Endless
Mode, a variety of Challenge Modes, and pure focused driving in Classic Mode.