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Saturday, September 8, 2018

Atari Pong Table Now Available For Global Purchase

Calinfer Inc, and UNIS Technology have announced today the official global release of the Atari Pong Coffee Table. The Atari Pong Table is now available for global purchase. Built with the idea of bringing families and friends back together socially in a way that most technology has removed from the living room or family room, the technology behind the Atari Pong Table was designed with the idea of bringing people back together for old school face to face game play.

Inspired by the classic Atari game Pong, the Atari Pong Table has no digital screen, and is a physical recreation of the original, using motors, rails, pulleys, and magnets. The 2D physics of the original video game was recreated mechanically using 5 motors. The ball and paddles are all controlled by magnets underneath, bringing this video game classic to the center of your living room, family room, game room, etc.
Some of the additional features of the Atari Pong Coffee Table are a spill proof design, a Bluetooth speaker, LED clock and display, four USB ports for charging, and a coffee table by closing the side panels.

The Atari Pong Table project started as a hobby, but over time, the hobby became something that the originators thought had to be realized as a real product, so they set out to obtain the official license from Atari. With three speed modes, Easy, Normal, and Expert, gamer's can play a game against a friend or the tables AI. The volume controls the music and sound effects through two separate channels. Using the built in DEMO mode, the table can play itself. 

If you are a fan of nostalgia, or simply in need of a great entertainment center piece for your living room, family room, or game room, the Atari Pong Table will bring you and your family hours of entertainment and fun.

In addition to the Atari Pong Table, an Atari Ottoman has been designed to accompany your Coffee Table. The Atari Pong Table and supplemental Atari Ottoman are a great addition for any true Atari fan, as well as anyone else who might want to bring a centerpiece into their home that will allow for a social hangout area.

If you are interested in finding our more about the Atari Pong Table, or are ready to make a purchase, visit the official website HERE.