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Wednesday, September 26, 2018

The Edge: AtGames Atari Flashback Blast! Vol. 3

Atari Flashback Blast! vol. 3 (Walmart Exclusive)

You'll have a Blast! with this third volume of legendary Atari 2600 classics. Grab the wireless paddle
controllers and experience these amazing games the way they were always meant to be played. Stage
your own Video Olympics with a classic game of Pong and its many exciting variations. Move the paddle to hit the ball and smash the bricks in Super Breakout. Use your seesaw to launch and catch clowns as they pop balloons high in the air in Circus Atari. Protect your castle and warlord from flying boulders in Warlords. Or race for the best score in Night Driver. You can do all that and more with precision. It's maximum fun for up to two players in one tiny package!

Product Vision

Create a unique paddle-based product – the first of its kind with wireless paddles – featuring a specially curated collection of Atari 2600 classics and originals, headlined by Pong, the first smash hit arcade video game, Super Breakout, featuring colorful brick-breaking fun, and Warlords, one of the most enduring multiplayer battle games.

Blast! products will be available at major U.S. and Canadian retailers on Oct. 1, 2018 and will retail for between $19.99 and $39.99.

Game List

1. Backgammon
2. Blackjack
3. Breakout
4. Canyon Bomber
5. Circus Atari
6. Demons to Diamonds
7. Night Driver
8. Steeplechase
9. Street Racer
10.Stunt Cycle
11.Super Breakout
12.Video Olympics (Basketball)
13.Video Olympics (Foozpong)
14.Video Olympics (Handball)
15.Video Olympics (Hockey)
16.Video Olympics (Pong)
17.Video Olympics (Quadrapong)
18.Video Olympics (Super Pong)
19.Video Olympics (Volleyball)