The Edge: AtGames Launches The Atari Flashback Blast! Family

In recent years, when you think of the Atari 2600, many people think of the Atari Flashback consoles released by AtGames. For the 2018 lineup, AtGames has launched an all new line of their popular Flashback series called the Atari Flashback Blast!. The Blast! series was launched to be an affordable gaming product in the market. Atari Edge took a first look at the product lineup, and the collection of the entire Blast! family includes a vast array of many classic hits. These USB dongle gaming systems come with a six button controller, and are a sleek design for easy retro gaming at an affordable price.

According to AtGames, "The Blast! product family was created as a low-cost, high-performance, curated game playing experience for the entire family to enjoy. Only the best classic games, with timeless, approachable, and compelling gameplay, are featured. It’s big fun from a small HDMI dongle! AtGames intends to expand the Blast! product family from 15 to 20 different Blast! collections over the next three years, featuring the very best in classic gaming from a wide range of popular platforms." They continue by saying that their philosophy is to "Create value-priced, high performance video game products that feature the best and most iconic classic video games from the greatest platforms. With the Blast! family, we deliver an affordable, wide ranging choice of game bundles that can be further expanded as our customers see fit."

This new lineup is a bit different than their classic Atari Flashback consoles, and could attract a new crowd of gamer's looking for something different, or a system that is easy to carry along on trips for gaming at friends houses, or on the hotel room television with incredible video through an HDMI connection.

The new Blast! lineup include HD output, one USB-powered HDMI dongle and a wireless ergonomic six button gamepad, Intuitive menu system, Rewind to recover from gameplay missteps
Save and reload games-in-progress, Add an optional second wireless gamepad for two player games (coming soon), Add optional Boost! dongles to expand game content (coming soon), Two Blast! featured game stickers.

Blast! products will be available at major U.S. and Canadian retailers on Oct. 1, 2018 and will retail for between $19.99 and $39.99.

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