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Saturday, April 13, 2019

The Edge: We Review Atari's Food Truck Frenzy

Genre: Simulation
Developer / Studio:
Workinman Interactive
Release Date: Available Now

When reviewing newly released games, many times I go into the review with at least an idea of the games main concept before playing the game for the first time. For months, we had been planning a list of the games that Atari was planning to release in 2019 to review here at Atari Edge. One of the games that was on the list in which I really had no idea what to expect was Food Truck Frenzy. Developed around Television personality and food aficionado, Foodgod (aka Jonathan Cheban), Players launch their Food Truck business to battle over customers under the watch Jonathan "Foodgod" Cheban. Gamers explore the world by unlocking kingdoms while collecting recipes and characters in one player mode, and battling other food trucks online to climb up the leader board. In this food-themed puzzle matching game, players are challenged to create delicious foods and desserts for their food truck customers while rising the ranks of the food truck world.

When I first downloaded the Android version of Food Truck Frenzy, I honestly had no idea what to expect. I knew it was a puzzle game, but not being much of a mobile puzzle gamer, I really have not played any of the other popular mobile puzzle games in recent years. Atari's Food Truck Frenzy was a pleasant surprise, and from the first time I launched the game, I was instantly hooked. When I was a kid, getting wrapped up in hours of non stop gaming was just a normal evening or weekend event. I would spend hours playing games, and getting wrapped up in an RPG, etc. that would easily make me forget what day it was let alone what time it was, but that was the days of very little responsibilities. The days of getting wrapped up in a new game are memories of the past. Well that was at least until this past week. After downloading Food Truck Frenzy, I found myself launching the game every moment that I could squeeze in, easily escaping from the stresses of life, and for the first time in years, occasionally losing track of the evening time.

I starting playing the game in 1 player mode, and did not pay much attention to the multiplayer VS mode at all for several days. Like in many puzzle games, the main concept of Food Truck Frenzy is to match similar items. The items in this puzzle game are food items. Along the way, players can unlock and upgrade recipes, trucks, and other items to improve their food truck. After collecting enough diamonds, they can be used to buy costumes, so as my son would say, you don't look like a noob. For the impatient gamer's, there is a shop to buy diamonds. As I was opening new kingdoms, I began building my food truck business by upgrading my food trucks and recipes. After progressing through the kingdoms, the game increasingly got harder, until finally I found myself being defeated and not opening the next kingdom. When you get defeated on a level within the kingdoms, you can move on to the next level, but if you do not defeat enough levels in a kingdom, the player cannot unlock and advance to the next kingdom. This is where the diamonds that you collect along the way come in use. It cost one diamond to replay a level, and in order to open the next kingdom, players must continue to replay the levels that they did not beat, until the complete enough levels to open the next kingdom.

Well eventually as the game progressed in difficulty, I got to a point where I also ran out of diamonds, and this led me to try the online VS mode. As fun as 1 player mode is, the game really gets fun when you start competing with other gamer's in online battle through VS mode. When I started playing against other players and climbing the online leader board, I soon found it hard to put down the game as I battled for a higher position on the leader board.

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