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Saturday, June 15, 2019

The Edge Upcoming Release: Ninja Golf

Developer / Studio: Alpha Dog Games
Genre: Simulation
Release Date: Coming Soon
Platforms: iOS, Android

Ninja's, Golf, and Fighting, Owe My..... Atari 7800 fans will vividly remember the unique enjoyment of playing Ninja Golf on the 7800. Originally released in 1990, Ninja Golf combined two of the most popular genres of gaming into one action packed gaming experience. By combining the skillful game of golf with the ever popular fighting genre, Atari brought a whole new gaming style to the golf course and onto the televisions of Atari 7800 gamers.

Atari will be bringing their unique IP back to the market with an updated release of Ninja Golf for iOS and Android devices.  Battle enemy ninjas and collect loot in between swings in Ninja Golf™, a new golf battler. Based on the Atari®7800 classic, Ninja Golfis the newly-reimagined gamethat challenges players to battle foes in between swings as you choose from a broad selection of golf clubs and ninja weapons. Score points as you weaponize the normally peaceful game of golf to cut through the onslaught of enemy ninjas in your path. Strike the ball and run to the next destination while avoiding obstacles, karate kicking enemies, and collecting upgrades and treasures along the way. The better you play, the higher you’ll climb the ranks of the online leaderboards. “Par for this course” in Ninja Golf means leaving the green littered with fallen foes!