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Sunday, September 8, 2019

The Edge: Atari Releases Google Play Open Beta for Ninja Golf

Genre: Simulation
Publisher: Atari
Developer / Studio: Alpha Dog Games
Release Date: Beta Version Available Now

Atari recently released a Google Play open beta for the highly anticipated remake of their classic game Ninja Golf. The game was developed by Alpha Dog Games, a game development studio founded by co-founders Shawn Woods and Jeff Cameron. Ninja Golf was previously released for testing outside of the United States, and is now available as a beta version for testing inside the U.S. market, allowing gamer's to give feedback as they test out the beta version.

Battle enemy ninjas and collect loot in between swings in Ninja Golf™, a new golf battler. Based on the Atari®7800 classic, Ninja Golf is the newly re-imagined game that challenges players to battle foes in between swings as you choose from a broad selection of golf clubs and ninja weapons. Score points as you weaponize the normally peaceful game of golf to cut through the onslaught of enemy ninjas in your path. Strike the ball and run to the next destination while avoiding obstacles, karate kicking enemies, and collecting upgrades and treasures along the way. The better you play, the higher you’ll climb the ranks of the online leaderboards. “Par for this course” in Ninja Golf means leaving the green littered with fallen foes!

We at Atari Edge have anticipated the release of Ninja Golf since the original announcement of the games development, and could not wait to take a first look at the game. From the opening title screen, the game has a familiar feel to it, as the game is developed on Alpha Dog Games proprietary ADG Dog Pound Platform built around the powerful Unreal Engine 4 game engine. The music and sound compliment the game very well, rounding off a nice feel to the game, despite being an early version. With the current version being released as a Beta, we cannot give a complete review, but are enjoying the game so far. We have had some issues with controls, although nothing that has halted game play completely.

I have never been a huge fan of games that use a D-Pad and buttons on the screen, but after a few minutes of frustration through the games opening tutorial, I was able to adjust and control my Ninja without much effort or continuous frustration. After the short tutorial, you should have the controls down as well, and be able to hit the first hole with all the skill needed to at least hit the ball forward, and fight off enemies that are in your path on your way to the location of your golf ball.

As in the original Ninja Golf for the Atari 7800, you must play through rounds of Golf, while fighting enemies along the way to your ball throughout the course. In this updated version, you control your ninja in 3D rather than 2D side scrolling action.

As a master ninja in training, you must be quick and learn to navigate your character with fast turns and moves in order to defeat the enemies that will come at you from all angles. We would like to add a reminder to all gamer's that the current version available on the Google App Store is a Beta release, and should be treated as such. There will be anticipated issues, and Atari is asking for feedback, as well as issues reported during the Beta testing stage.

To get the Beta version of Ninja Golf, visit the Google Play Store HERE