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Saturday, October 5, 2019

Asteroids Re-Imagined As A Skill Based Game

Next Gaming LLC has re-imagined classic arcade games to bring excitement and nostalgia to slot floors! Next Gaming, LLC was founded in 2006 by Terry Caudill, and is focused on creating leading edge, quality slot machines and equipment to the U.S. gaming market. The Las Vegas, Nevada, based company has been working hard since their inception to innovate the slot markets with imaginative concepts and gaming designs. This drive to bring new inspiration and ideas to the market has led Next Gaming LLC to partner with the iconic Atari brand, to bring a new series of skill based games to casino floors.

Asteroids is an iconic space shooter game from Atari that gamer's have passionately played since November of 1979.  In the re-imagined Asteroids game designed by Next Gaming, players will select their level of difficulty from easy, normal or hard.  The player controls their space ship in an asteroids field which is periodically traversed by flying saucers.  As in the Asteroids games since day one, the main objective is to shoot and destroy the asteroids. Players also must collect power ups and eradicate the flying saucers to advance through the next levels. The creative team at Next Gaming has developed an Asteroids experience that delivers traditional slot performance, while at the same time brings back the competitiveness of the arcade experience.  Top gamer's can post their initials on the leader board to earn bragging rights throughout the casino floor, as others try to top your high score while winning big in this exhilarating spin on the Atari classic.

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