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Saturday, October 5, 2019

Missile Command Re-imagined For The Casino Floor

In our previous article, we discussed the re-imagining of Atari's iconic classic game Asteroids. Next Gaming, LLC has continued their focused on creating leading edge, quality slot machines and equipment with imaginative concepts and gaming designs. Their partnership with Atari did not stop with Asteroids, but continued with Missile Command, another iconic classic game that had it's start in 1980, and was licensed to Sega for European distribution. The original game developer of Missile Command, Dave Theurer, also designed the Atari hit Tempest, which was a revolutionary game at the time with amazing vector graphics.

Missile Command is a challenging space shooter game from Atari's catalog of video and arcade gaming classics. Players will select their level of difficulty from easy, normal or hard.  As in other Missile Command variations, players must defend their six cities from being destroyed by a hail of ballistic missiles.  Defend your cities, collect power ups and shoot down the enemy missiles to advance through the next levels.  Missile Command delivers traditional slot performance, while bringing back the competitiveness of the arcade experience.  As in Next Gaming's Asteroids machine, players can post their initials on the leader board for others to see.

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