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Monday, November 11, 2019

Brave Battle Saga: Legend Of The Magic Warrior

Title: Brave Battle Saga - The Legend of The Magic Warrior
Genre: Adventure, RPG
Developer: Chuanpu
Publisher: Piko Interactive LLC
Release Date: Mar 18, 2019

One of the most popular genres of the 8bit and 16bit era of gaming was role playing games. RPG's were made of vast worlds, magic, and battles that not only required patience, but a curious mind to stick it out and push forward in the quest presented. 

Brave Battle Saga: Legend Of The Magic Warrior is a turned based RPG developed by a Taiwanese company in 1996, which was recently translated into English, and officially released this year. A new 16bit RPG should be great news for Atari VCS gamers, as the game is available on the Antstream game streaming service. If Brave Battle Saga is uncluded in the exclusive Atari Antstream service, this new RPG is in perfect timing to give the Atari VCS a solid launch title.

A world brought together by Magic and Technology finds itself segregated as a result of differences in ideas among those who possess the power of technology and magic, as the civilization advanced. As the two separated, the human race continued on their path to develop technology, while the segregated demons began to build their own civilization with magic.

It was the human civilization, however, that developed an ultimate weapon from their technology that lost control and destroyed the world. During a thousand year period of time, no major incidents had occurred while the ancient technology that once destroyed the ancient civilization was hidden within the earth. That was until there was an excavation that unearthed the technology, once again leading mankind down the same path of destruction as the ancient civilization.

Until this day, the forces of nature in the world had been controlled by four temples.

The water was controlled by the Moon Temple in the Cruz Kingdom.

A tropical desert climate was within the Galien Kingdom, and controlled by the Sun Temple.

The Zak Empire was a polar region controlled by the Star Temple.

The picturesque scenery of the Lear Kingdom is controlled by the Wind Kingdom.

As in many RPG's, the world in Brave Battle Saga was at peace for many years, until the demons came back for something that the humans could not understand. Why are the demons from the Legend back, and what do they want? What secrets do the temples hold? Who will uncover the answers to this ancient mystery?