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Tuesday, December 10, 2019

The Edge: Upcoming Atari Game Releases

Atari's upcoming lineup of game releases include remakes of the classic games Asteroids and Pong, as well as a new take on the Roller Coaster Tycoon franchise. Two additional games for upcoming releases are city building games, one is a post apocalyptic RPG, while the other you take on the role of a Kingpin rebuilding the gangsters city. All games are upcoming 2019-2020 releases.

Survive in this post apocalyptic RPG and
town builder set in a mysterious, zombie-
plagued world on iOS and Android

Become a Kingpin as you rebuild your city,
expand your territory, and battle for turf in this
stylish gangster sim for iOS and Android

Race through space, battle enemies and
avoid massive asteroids on iOS and Android
devices, in this fresh take on the all-time Atari
A 2D Match-3 experience for iOS and
Android, set in the world of Roller Coaster
Tycoon. Complete puzzles and restore your
theme park to glory!
A Battle Royale remix of Atari classics! Dodge
Asteroids, Pong Pellets, and more while
battling other players.