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Thursday, January 23, 2020

Atari Edge: A Timeline Of Our Atari VCS Coverage

From day one when Atari first announce the Ataribox, now the Atari VCS, Atari Edge was there to give our readers all the latest news regarding the new console. From the start, we promised to provide our readers with all of the latest official news surrounding the system. We have worked hard to keep our readers from falling into the trap of opinions or speculation from other sources. From talking points that the system will never launch, to statements that from the start Atari was trying to sell a $300 retro box, there has been information on the internet that should be viewed as opinion rather than journalistic coverage. From the original launch, Atari has been working on an all around entertainment console with an open platform. One in which is an original concept in the world of gaming consoles. From gaming to streaming content, to the ability to launch a full computer OS of your choice, the Atari VCS was an idea and concept intended for many different user bases. Since Atari Edge has been covering the Atari VCS from the original announcement, we decided to give our readers a timeline of all of our Atari VCS coverage to provide a full picture of the project, and though it's taking longer to come to market than we at Atari Edge had anticipated, just how far Atari has come with the console, while staying true to the original concept.

December 12, 2017 - Original Article -> Here

In a press release sent out today, Atari, one of the most famous interactive entertainment publishers and producers in the world announced the launch of it's Ataribox campaign on the Indiegogo website for Thursday, December 14 2017. According to the press release, the address of the page for pre-orders will be released on Thursday as well.

On the official launch date of December 14, the Atari Group will reveal the latest characteristics of Ataribox, particularly in terms of content as well as the different in which fans can place their pre-orders at preferential conditions.

Ataribox presents a unique and modern design influenced by Atari's iconic consoles like the Atari 2600. It is powered by an AMD processor, developed specifically for the Ataribox, and uses Radeon Graphics technology. It evolves under a Linux operating system OS and presents a particularly adapted interface. Ataribox offers video games and more providing a complete PC experience on TV media, including uses of streaming applications, access to social networks, web browsing, and music.

The launch of Ataribox is intended to allow Atari to reposition itself in the market for hardware and connected objects.

«We chose to launch the Ataribox with an Indiegogo campaign to give priority to fans and pre-calibrate the quantities during the initial phases in 2018 " says Frédéric Chesnais President- General Manager of Atari. "This is a long-term project for Atari, our goal is to become a reference platform in the field of digital entertainment. "

December 19, 2017 - Original Article -> Here

In a recent follow up to the Ataribox community, Atari announced that the previously set December 14th Atartibox launch on Indiegogo had been officially paused. The reason for the paused launch date was that the development of the platform and ecosystem was taking more time than had been anticipated. According to the Ataribox Team, "Building Ataribox is incredibly important to us and we will do whatever it takes to be sure it is worth the wait."

In the update, the Ataribox team announced that an updated launch plan was underway and that they would be providing additional detailed information soon.

So what does this mean for the Ataribox fans that are eagerly waiting for the official release of the first Atari video game console in over 20 years, or for others that have concerns about the delay? Concerns are natural, and speculation over whether the console will be released or not is legitimate, as the follow up notice shared very little details into what Atari's plans are for the upcoming Ataribox release.

At AtariEdge, we will overlook any internal or external speculation, and keep working to get as much official information as possible on the Ataribox for our readers. From the first teaser video released earlier this year, speculation and excitement have been expressed simultaneously across the video game industry. For Atari fans, as well as fans of indie gaming, and even Linux fans, there is much to be excited about. From the words of Atari, the Ataribox will include "killer retro games, hot new indie titles, and an open linux OS, all in one incredible game console."

"Game On' for the Ataribox has been paused for now, but AtariEdge will be here to bring you all the latest when Atari has everything ready for the official launch of it's next video game console.

March 19, 2018 - Original Article -> Here

For the fans that have been following the release of Atari's first gaming console since the release of the Atari Jaguar 25 years ago, and thought the chances of a release were slim after the previous Indiegogo campaign was canceled, there is great news. The new console release was not canceled, and was only delayed, as Atari had previously promised. If you have been waiting to purchase the new console, it looks like the wait will be over soon, as a preorder date will be announced in April

Atari, one of the world's most iconic consumer brands and interactive entertainment producers, today proudly announces that “Atari VCS” is the official name of its new retro-inspired gaming and entertainment platform, previously known by its working title “Ataribox.” The company also marks this important milestone by sharing the Atari VCS, Classic Joystick and Modern Controller prototypes with press at this week’s Game Developers Conference in San Francisco, with the objective to reveal the exclusive pre-order date for the Atari VCS during the month of April 2018.

After Atari revealed images of the classic joystick in November of last year, many gamer's were asking if there would be a modern controller released for the new console. Atari has answered the question, and from the initial images of the prototype, the modern controller looks to be well designed for both classic games as well as modern gaming.

Inspired by the iconic silhouette of the original Atari 2600 Video Computer System, the new Atari VCS has already generated considerable excitement within the gaming community. Its skillful blend of modern lines and reverential details, combined with contemporary content technology and new innovation, has evoked positive reactions from Atari fans both new and old. The Atari VCS will of course serve up lots of classic content, but it is so much more than a “retro-box.” It is a completely new Atari connected device designed for today’s living room.

The new Atari VCS logo, like the new hardware itself, combines past and present, and is inspired by Atari’s rich history of progressive graphic design. Countless highly-memorable game logos, illustrations, ads and packages were generated by Atari’s legendary in-house Industrial Design and Graphics department during the 1970’s and 80’s. From our first view of the new Atari VCS name and logo, this is a huge step forward from the working title "Ataribox" and ties in nicely to nostalgia of the Atari brand, while introducing new gamer's to Atari with the modern design of the console.

Industrial design and graphics are essential parts of the brand’s DNA and part of what makes every Atari game an adventure for the player. Today’s Atari design, engineering, software and marketing teams all endeavor to bring similar levels of care and attention to the new VCS. Atari intends its new video computer system to change the way you interact with your TV, just as the original Atari 2600 Video Computer System first did more than 40 years ago.

“Every person at Atari and every partner involved with the new platform is just as fanatical about the brand and its heritage as our biggest fans are,” explained Michael Arzt, Atari COO of Connected Devices. “With the Atari VCS name, we know how important it is to get everything completely right and that’s why we briefly paused an imminent launch late last year. It was a difficult decision with the countdown underway, but we weren’t willing to go forward with even one thing out of alignment. We hope that Atari’s fans appreciate our extreme attention to detail and are as excited about the Atari VCS as we are.” 

By now, we know that a collection of classic games will be available, but many fans and gamer's are still interested in one of the most important aspects of the Atari VCS. What new modern gaming titles will be available for the console at the release date? With the latest update from Atari, it looks like fans now have a reason to be excited. The release of the Atari VCS appears to be coming soon !

June 5, 2018 - Original Article -> Here

For months, YouTuber after YouTuber have been criticizing Atari, as well as sharing their opinions to the world on how the new Atari VCS was going to be a disaster, and that it would absolutely fail. One of the main points criticized is Atari being a shell of it's former self, which I think is a week argument to begin with. Atari is a brand that has stood the test of time for generations. In my family alone, their are easily four to five generations that have played Atari games. That kind of brand longevity is an amazing accomplishment for any company.

The second most common complaint about the Atari VCS is about Atari's Indiegogo campaign, many claiming for months that the campaign would be a disaster. With $2,571,403 USD raised by 9872 backers so far, and 25 days left, the campaign has been far from a disaster. In fact, it was reported that on the morning of the campaign launch, the Atari VCS campaign briefly crashed the Indiegogo website.

With 100+ classic Atari games pre-loaded and online features, the Atari VCS will be ready for instant entertainment out of the box. One of the games that we at AtariEdge are excited to review on the system is Tempest 4000.

Atari has not yet named all companies they are working with, but from the list of studio partners they have listed, there is no reason not to believe that the Atari VCS will have some great modern games released for it. Both Eden Games and Monster Games have solid resumes of great games over the years, and Atari's relationship with Jeff Minter goes back to the early 90's when he created Tempest 2000 on the Jaguar for Atari. Tempest 4000 designed by Minter's game studio Llamasoft is a great start to continue the relationship, and we are hoping to see some great arcade style shoot 'em ups released for the Atari VCS, as Minter is well known for creating.

When the original Atari VCS was released in 1977, it completely revolutionized the way families enjoyed their televisions. It brought an excitement to the television market unmatched by any other
company. When Atari decided to get back into the hardware market, the brand recognition alone sent

waves of excitement through many who remember the companies beginnings, and through the noise of haters and trolls on the internet, the sound of excitement could be heard building up over the past year. The many who have been anticipating the Indiegogo campaign, quickly displayed their excitement once the campaign launched.

The Ubuntu Linux based system will allow additional customization for those who want to enjoy the system outside of the Atari VCS user experience. This feature will cater to those who wish to include home brew games, etc. into their gaming collection, and should provide a solid platform for the amazing indie developers that have been bringing a creative resurgence into the gaming industry in recent years, which is reminiscent of the creativity in the early years of Atari's historic journey.

For those critics that for many months claimed the gaming industry did not have room for another console, the nearly 10,000 backers who quickly raised over 2.5 million dollars have all agreed that there in fact is room for another system. We at Atari Edge can't wait to start reviewing the system and games.

June 27, 2018 - Original Article -> Here

One of the world's most iconic consumer brands and interactive entertainment producers — today announced that game platform architecture expert Rob Wyatt and his Boulder, Colorado-based company Tin Giant, are officially joining the Atari VCS™ team. Wyatt, an expert in GPU Hardware and 3D graphics, has worked on everything from hardware design to graphics applications for a variety of well-known game systems and software platforms. While at Microsoft, Wyatt held roles on the development teams on DirectX and the Windows kernel before becoming the system architect of the original Xbox game console. Wyatt later contributed to the graphics systems of the PlayStation®3 before moving on to become the graphics architect at Magic Leap, an augmented reality startup. Along the way, he has also lent his expertise to many AAA video games and high-end movie special effects.

The Atari VCS is a completely new connected gaming and entertainment device slated to begin shipping in mid-2019. Atari has partnered with chipmaker AMD, who will provide the Atari VCS custom processor featuring Radeon Graphics Technology. The operating system of the Atari VCS is based on Linux, and the platform’s highly-anticipated open Sandbox will allow users to create and port additional content to personalize their experience.

“We have made a commitment to Atari fans to make the VCS the very best game and home entertainment platform it can be,” said Michael Arzt, Atari COO of Connected Devices. “After months of working with Rob and Tin Giant to define product requirements for the Atari VCS hardware and operating system, we are excited to finally and officially announce our partnership. Rob and his experienced team are working to squeeze every possible ounce of performance out of the Atari VCS hardware.”

“Who wouldn’t want to be part of bringing Atari back? From the moment the AMD team introduced me to Atari and the VCS project, I have been intrigued and inspired by the opportunity that it represents,” said Rob Wyatt, CEO of Tin Giant. “The unique open platform and modern approach that Atari is taking will let users enjoy a broad range of new and existing games and other entertainment, while also delivering some unique options to customize the platform to their own tastes by combining additional software and classic content all in one place.”

Retro-inspired, but not a “retro-box,” the Atari VCS will deliver a fully modern gaming and entertainment experience sure to delight the more than 11,000 backers who have enthusiastically supported the Atari VCS so far during its ongoing Indiegogo Pre-Sale; currently scheduled to end on June 29, 2018. Indiegogo backers and other future Atari VCS owners can plan to have access to a wide array of games, media and streaming content options when the hardware platform ships in mid-2019. Atari plans to make several more product development updates and announcements, along with new partnerships and agreements between now and the first shipments that will include game publishers and developers, product distribution plans, non-gaming content providers and much more. In addition, Atari endeavors to provide unscheduled work-in-progress product demonstrations in the future as they become practical.

January 13, 2019 - Original Article -> Here

In 2016, Atari released Atari Vault on Steam for PC. This was a collection of 100 iconic Atari games from the 1970's and 1980's. Some of the games included were Atari 2600 and Arcade classics Asteroids®, Centipede®, Missile Command®, and more.

The upcoming Atari VCS is announced to be released with 100+ packed in games, including the collection of games released in the Atari Vault collection. With the reported mix of Arcade games as well as Atari 2600 games out of the box, retro gaming on the Atari VCS should be a new experience with all new Atari hardware, and what looks to be a nice graphical user interface running on Ubuntu Linux. So what are the games that will be packed in at the launch of the Atari VCS Console? From what we have heard, the following games should be on that list.


Asteroids, Asteroids Deluxe , Black Widow , Centipede, Crystal Castles , Liberator , Lunar Lander , Major Havoc , Gravitar , Missile Command , Millipede , Pong , Space Duel , Red Baron , Sprint , Super Breakout , Tempest , Warlords

Atari 2600:

3D Tic Tac Toe , Adventure , Air Sea Battle , Asteroids , Backgammon , Basic Math , Basketball , Blackjack , Bowling , Brain Games , Breakout , Canyon Bomber, Casino , Centipede , Championship, Soccer , Checkers, Chess , Circus Atari , Code Breaker , Combat , Combat 2 , Concentration , Crystal, Castles , Demons to Diamonds , Desert Falcon , Dodge-Em, Double Dunk , Fatal Run , Flag capture
Football, Golf, Gravitar , Hangman , Haunted House , Homerun , Human Cannonball , Maze Craze , Millipede , Miniature Golf , Missile Command , Night Driver , Off the Wall , Outlaw , Quadrun , Race , Radar Lock , RealSports Baseball, RealSports Basketball, RealSports Boxing , RealSports Football , RealSports Soccer , RealSports Tennis , RealSports Volleyball , Return to Haunted House , Save Mary , Secret Quest , Sentinel , Sky Diver , Slot Machine , Slot Racers , Space War , Sprint Master , Star, Raiders , Starship , Steeplechase , Stellar Track , Street Racer , Stunt Cycle , Sub Commander , Super, Baseball, Super Breakout, Super Football , Surround , Sword Quest Earthworld , Sword Quest Fireworld , Sword Quest Waterworld , Tempest , Video Cube , Video Olympics , Video Pinball , Warlords , Yars Revenge

Some critics of the system have been asking, with all of the ways to play the library of classic Atari games, why another system? The Atari VCS will provide a way for gamer's to play Atari 2600 and Arcade games on official Atari hardware for the first time since the Atari 2600, and Atari games in general since the fall of the Atari Jaguar console and Lynx Portable. The Atari VCS Classic and Modern Controllers should give gamer's a nice switch up, as well, to how they want to play the classic games. It will be nice to have both the classic and modern controllers available to play the same games in a different way, each with its only advantages and style.

Beyond the classic games built in, Atari promises online features, and additional 3rd party game development for the Atari VCS, with development studios like Eden Games, Code Mystics, Nvizzio Creations, and llamasoft, among others, on board for game development. Currently Atari has announced a list of 14 studios developing games for the Atari VCS. We at Atari Edge are excited to review the system as well as the 3rd party games that will be released. As the months count down to launch day, the anticipation increases for what the system will bring to the gaming world, both in classic gaming and modern gaming capacity.

March 19, 2019 - Original Article -> Here

Early Monday evening, Atari released an official update for the Atari VCS console. In the latest update, Atari expressed excitement and momentum around the Atari VCS project since entering the 2019 year. Atari is now finding confidence in their direction and progress with the project, and by working with some of the top talent as well as companies in the business, it is helping the team to further implement the vision for the project.

Atari also discussed the projects integrity, and expressed that the backers’ emotional as well as financial investments are, and will always be their top priorities. This is great to hear, as there were a few months with not much news being released about Atari's latest console, and keeping Atari fans, and our readers up to date on the latest Atari Edge news will keep excitement building for the release of the console.

And speaking of release date. Atari also announced a delay for the official release of the Atari VCS. The previous release of around July 2019, is now pushed back to a tentative release at the end of 2019. At first thought, this might not appear to be such great news, but the reason for the delay might be worth the wait. For many months, the hardware engineering team behind the Atari VCS has remained heads-down in the system architecture phase, working closely with their hardware and software partners to deliver the best possible user experience. They have now made the decision, in partnership with the team at AMD, to further enhance the VCS system architecture.

The Atari VCS will now be powered by a 14nm AMD processor featuring high-performance Radeon Vega graphics architecture and two “Zen” CPU cores. This new processor replaces the model from the “Bristol Ridge” family that had been in the plan since originally selected for the Atari VCS back in 2017. AMD’s all-new Ryzen embedded chip will be faster, cooler, and more efficient, allowing the VCS to benefit from a simpler and more effective power architecture and thermal solution. The new processor includes built-in Ethernet, Native 4K video with modern HDCP, and a secure frame buffer that fully-supports DRM video (Netflix, HBO, etc.).

Atari also assured fans that the new AMD Ryzen processor is a much better fit for this project in multiple ways and will further enable the Atari VCS to deliver on its promise to be a unique and highly flexible platform for creators.

The official announcement of Atari partnering with AMD to use the new processor should be looked at as a plus. With the Atari VCS team working with some of the top companies in the industry, taking a few more months might not sound like such a bad thing, if the end result is a better console.

Another key topic that Atari addressed regarding the Atari VCS is updates on the project. They have acknowledged the fans requests for more frequent updates, but ask fans and backers to bear in mind that Atari and its partners are constrained by mutually-agreed approval processes and other restrictions that may be legal, self-imposed, regulatory and/or some combination of these. Details about the product(s) and strategies of both Atari and its partners can and will be shared only when all stakeholders agree.

Fans are eager to learn more about the Atari VCS, games, accessories, features, etc. and we at Atari Edge look forward to bringing our readers all the latest news, as well as our thoughts.

March 31, 2019 - Original Article -> Here

Atari recently announce additional hardware improvements to the Atari VCS. It appears that the Atari VCS team is now listening to the fans worldwide that have wanted more information about the upcoming system, and are releasing more frequent information on the development of their next console. Today, we take a look at the latest changes, and give our opinion.

After the announcement of a change to the AMD Ryzen chipset, and a push back of the release of the Atari VCS, some questioned what might be next for the development of Atari's new console, and what other changes might be in the future for this project.

The latest changes are not only cosmetic, but functional as well. When looking at the new design, the first thing that jumps out is the added riser underneath the main body of the unit. The console previously sat flat on the surface, but with the additional riser, the system floats above the surface, very similar to the original Atari 2600/VCS. The most apparent functional change due to the added riser, is the two USB ports that were moved from the back of the unit, and placed on the front face of the riser, leaving two of the original four USB ports on the back of the unit for additional USB devices. This is a great move for functionality, as a USB controller, mouse, keyboard, drive, etc. can be plugged into the front of the unit. The previous design appeared to be focused toward wireless controllers only, as the four USB ports were in the back of the unit.

Another small design change was the removal of the SD card slot that was in the back of the original Atari VCS design. With two USB ports in the front of the unit, and two USB slots on the back panel of the unit, the Atari VCS team decided that an additional SD card slot was a bit redundant, and the four included USB ports should be sufficient for users functionality use cases. Outside of the possible ability to remove the SD card from an Atari Flashback Portable or 9 console, and inserting the SD card into the Atari VCS packed full of Atari 2600 games, we really can't think of any reason why the removal of an SD card slot would negatively impact users.

The original Atari VCS design included a red illuminated LED Fuji logo on the face of the unit off to the right side. The VCS team has decided to change the color of the Fuji logo to white, which we at Atari Edge like for several reasons. First, with technology, red illumination is always used to signal an error. To someone opening up the box and hooking the console up for the first time, seeing a red light on the front of the unit could automatically trigger the thought that something is wrong with the unit. This could lead to a bad user experience from the very start. Humans are creatures of habit, and because of that, we think the white illuminated Fuji logo is much more appealing, and gives a better feeling when turning the system on for the first time. The second reason we like the white logo over a red logo is the Atari VCS team have decided to give the user error codes, wifi status, etc. by combinations of blinks with the logo, which as previously mentioned, humans are creatures of habit, and as Atari mentions, this lines up with the functionality of other consoles.

The original design included 16 levels that were to be assembled as a “Ribbed-Sandwich”. Atari has realized the cost and issues with manufacturing the units in this manner, and have made design changes to positively impact the manufacturing of the unit, while keeping the original look and feel of the unit. With a huge and successful pre-sale campaign, making design changes while keeping the original look of the console is very important to the success of the Atari VCS, as well as the consumer view of Atari as a company. With the new, more simple, two piece body design, there is far less chance of manufacturing errors as was with the original 16 piece design, allowing the manufacturing process to be not only faster, but more streamlined, with likely less flaws to the end product rolling off the assembly line. The new dimensions of the unit announced by Atari are Width: 12.3", Depth: 5.9", and Height: 2.0".

Outside of the removal of the SD Card slot, and the movement of two of the USB ports to the front of the unit, the back panel of the Atari VCS stays relatively unchanged. On the back of the unit, there is the additional two USB ports, and HDMI port, Ethernet port, power plug, and power button.

In future updates, the Atari VCS team states that they plan to discuss additional improvements, the Classic Controller, Modern Controller, user interface, as well as one of the most anticipated and talked about subjects surrounding the console, game and media content partnerships. They will also dive into additional subjects such as developer tools and distribution plans.

Overall, the latest updates from the Atari VCS team not only explain some great cosmetic and functionality changes, but also give consumers an idea of where the project is headed, as well as what to expect in future updates. Making changes to the design and functionality of the console, but keeping the look of the original Atari VCS design that fans worldwide expressed incredible positive feedback for is an important factor that we at Atari Edge are glad to see Atari taking seriously.

April 20, 2019 - Original Article -> Here

AMD’s all-new Ryzen embedded chip will be faster, cooler, and more efficient, allowing the Atari VCS to sport a simpler and more effective power architecture and thermal solution. The new processor includes built-in Ethernet, Native 4K video support with modern HDCP, and a secure frame buffer that fully-supports DRM video (Netflix, HBO, etc.).

“With the AMD Ryzen Embedded R1000 powering the Atari VCS, we can support the 4K 60fps HDR content that users expect from a modern, secure gaming and entertainment system,” said Michael Arzt, COO of Atari Connected Devices. “AMD’s new Ryzen Embedded SoC will also help protect the VCS’ environment and content as we support an unprecedented open-access model that allows Atari’s highly-creative community to install any other operating system side by side with the Atari OS.”

The Atari VCS is a completely modern connected gaming and media device (not a “retro-box” or emulator) that features a unique Linux-based operating system capable of playing popular new video game releases and streaming entertainment. As an homage to its roots, the Atari Vault® — a collection of more than 100 all-time classic arcade and home favorites like Asteroids®, Centipede®, Breakout®, Missile Command®, and Yars’ Revenge® —  is included with every new Atari VCS. Fans will be able to access and download additional games and content through a connected Atari VCS storefront.

June 2, 2019 - Original Article -> Here

There are many gaming controllers over the years that can inspire nostalgia for many, but only one can inspire memories of a console that launched the gaming industry. That is the original Atari VCS, later know as Atari 2600 CX40 Joystick. With the launch of Atari's latest console now scheduled for December of this year, The Atari VCS team recently announced some additional information and revealed the latest Classic Joystick as well as the VCS Modern Controller updates through their Medium page. Atari has partnered with PowerA to develop the Atari VCS peripherals, and the latest images of both the Classic Joystick and VCS Modern Controller look amazing.

The team has been able to keep the Classic Atari 2600 CX40 joystick look, but give it a great updated look with additional modernized features for current gaming. For gamer's who prefer a modern style controller, Atari and PowerA have been designing a modern controller that looks to be on track to deliver a great gaming experience for modern game play on the Atari VCS console.

Along with the iconic red "Fire" button on the classic joystick, the enhancements made by the design team include an added red "Trigger Fire" button on the corner of the controller body, with the same look and feel as a front bumper button on a modern gaming controller. To make things even better, all buttons, trigger, and inputs on the new Classic Joystick are re-mappable and programmable by the user. This feature will provide an even better gaming experience as gamer's will be able to create a better personal style to game play. As developers learn how the mapping is controlled, they will be able to produce games that give a very unique game play with the trusted classic joystick. Another modern feature added to the Classic Joystick is the addition of a rumble feature. According to the Atari VCS team, this feature is one of the coolest features that they announced, and we at Atari Edge would have to agree. It will be interesting to play the most iconic Atari classic games with the feel of rumbling while blasting asteroids, or driving tanks, etc. There will also be a ring of LED lights that will illuminate as the joystick is controlled, in the direction that the player will push the joystick in, which will also add to a unique gaming experience.

One of our favorite new features for the updated Classic Joystick is the rotating paddle function in the joystick, which will allow gamer's to play games like Pong that for years relied heavily on the separate Atari Paddle Controllers. Instead now gamer's can play paddle type games by rotating the stick between their thumb and fingers on the newly designed Classic Joystick.

A classic game that we would like to play with the added features of the updated Classic Joystick, especially the rumble feature is River Raid. This would also be our pick for a shooter to get updated for the Atari VCS. An updated and released River Raid could be an amazing Shmup experience for Atari's latest console.

June 12, 2019 - Original Article -> Here

Atari® — one of the world's most iconic consumer brands and interactive entertainment producers — today makes several major announcements about its all-new Atari VCS™ home gaming and entertainment system during the 2019 Electronic Entertainment Expo (E3) in Los Angeles, where it is holding private preview meetings with press, retailers, and content partners.

The Atari VCS Official Online Presale is now underway for U.S. customers, with systems and accessories, including retailer-exclusive editions, available for preorder today on,, and, for deliveries starting in March 2020. Pricing starts at $249.99 for the Atari VCS 400 Onyx (4GB RAM) Base model and tops off at $389.99 for one of three Atari VCS 800 (8GB RAM) All-In system bundles that include an Atari VCS Classic Joystick and Atari VCS Modern Controller. Classic Joysticks priced at $49.99 and Modern Controllers at $59.99, created in partnership with PowerA, are also available now for retail pre-order. Additional international presale dates and retailers will be announced soon.

“Atari made a commitment to its fans to make the new VCS the best and most versatile game and home entertainment platform it can be, with a wide array of options,” said Atari CEO Frédéric Chesnais. “After so many months of work defining and refining the products, and after the strong initial support of thousands of Indiegogo backers, we are excited to finally and officially announce our product launch configurations, first key retail partnerships, and the kickoff of the Atari VCS Official Online Presale that will put the products into the hands of gamers.”

The start of the Atari VCS Official Online Presale and retail partnerships brings Atari’s successful Indiegogo campaign and Indemand period to a close after one full year. Original Atari VCS backers will receive their hardware starting in December 2019, completing a drive that began on May 30, 2018, with platform-crushing traffic on day-one to achieve $2 Million in funding in the first week and nearly $3 Million over its 30-day span. Total gross sales have since topped $4 Million with more than 12,000 individual contributors.

This new Atari VCS Official Online Presale is for products scheduled to start shipping in March 2020 and offers new hardware configurations, exclusive new designs, and three online retail destinations to choose from: features the following Atari VCS products: features the following Atari VCS products: features the following Atari VCS products:

The all-new Atari VCS home gaming and video computer system is aimed at transforming the TV-centric home entertainment experience. At E3 this week, Atari plans to share demos of the Atari VCS dashboard and Sandbox Mode to showcase the power of the AMD tech that powers the VCS. Users will be introduced to an ever-expanding Atari world of all-new games, classic and remastered favorites, streaming multimedia and personal apps; or can easily make their own. The powerful AMD Ryzen processor featuring Radeon Graphics Technology can handle it all, including 4K HDR streaming, while the all-new Atari Classic Joystick and Atari Modern Controller make everything easy and fun. Switching to the unique Atari Sandbox Mode unlocks an open and expandable multimedia PC for freedom and versatility you can’t get with any other home game system. The Atari VCS blends the best of consoles and PCs to delight a whole new generation of gamers, fans, and creators who will “Discover What You and Atari Can Do.”

Atari plans to make several more product development updates and announcements this year that will include expanded details about games and entertainment content, software development protocols, expanded distribution and more. In addition, Atari will continue to provide periodic work-in-progress updates and product demonstrations via its Atari VCS Project Development blogs on

June 12, 2019 - Original Article -> Here

In a day one E3 announcement, Atari released information regarding retail distribution pre-orders at and as well as retailer-exclusive editions of the Atari VCS console. This exciting E3 announcement sets the tone for what is to come from Atari and their new console. For many people who wondered if the Atari VCS would ever get past the Indiegogo pre-order stage, the retail distribution announcement speaks loudly of the direction that Atari has planned to take the console.

There is a lot of news and first hand experiences of the Atari VCS coming out of E3 2019. This should get fans and gamer's excited for the console, as Atari's media attention at this years E3 has definitely surpassed any media hype of recent gaming conventions.

As a GameStop affiliate partner, we at Atari Edge are extremely excited that Atari has revealed a GameStop exclusive console available for pre-order at for deliveries starting in March 2020. Pricing starts at $249.99 for the Atari VCS 400 Onyx (4GB RAM) Base model and tops off at $389.99 for one of three Atari VCS 800 (8GB RAM) All-In system bundles that include an Atari VCS Classic Joystick and Atari VCS Modern Controller. Classic Joysticks priced at $49.99 and Modern Controllers at $59.99, created in partnership with PowerA, are also available now for retail pre-order.

One of the most interesting features of the Atari VCS is the Sandbox Mode. Switching to the unique Atari Sandbox Mode unlocks an open and expandable multimedia PC for freedom and versatility you can’t get with any other home game system. The Atari VCS blends the best of consoles and PCs to delight a whole new generation of gamers, fans, and creators who will “Discover What You and Atari Can Do.”

For fans still waiting for more information on games, content, etc., Atari plans to make several more product development updates and announcements this year that will include expanded details about games and entertainment content, software development protocols, expanded distribution and more.

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It's Day 3 of the 2019 Electronic Entertainment Expo (E3), and Atari has been making steady announcements throughout the week regarding their latest system. Today, Atari made additional announcements about its all-new Atari VCS™ (Video Computer System) home gaming and entertainment platform. With the Atari VCS Official Online Presale now underway for U.S. customers, Atari released more information about the system, its capabilities and available accessories, including exclusive editions it has been sharing with press and partners in private meetings at E3 2019, going on now in Los Angeles.

Visitors to Atari’s demo suite during E3 were greeted by a display of the Atari VCS in its final pre-production form (as described in a recent development blog) and also verified several details including a confirmed starting price of $249.99 for the base model. The Atari VCS will launch in 800 (8GB RAM) and 400 (4GB RAM) models. Both models are fully user-upgradeable by easily swapping-in more RAM and expanding storage, and can be purchased in bundles that include an Atari VCS Classic Joystick and VCS Modern Controller. The Atari VCS is also available as stand-alone units, allowing users to connect their own existing Bluetooth and USB controllers and peripherals. 

Most-exciting for many fans will be the debut of the Atari VCS 800 Black Walnut All-In bundle with a new woodgrain faceplate, exclusively available on Atari also introduces the all-new Atari VCS 800 Kevlar Gold All-In bundle with a sleek woven fiber face, exclusively available at, while the dramatic and familiar black and red Atari VCS 800 Onyx All-In will be a retail exclusive at Classic Joysticks priced at $49.99 and Modern Controllers for $59.99, created in partnership with PowerA, are also available now for preorder. All of these Atari VCS products are available now for consumers to preorder for 2020 shipping (see full list below of Atari VCS Official Online Presale pricing and availability sorted by retailer). In addition to the finished VCS models, Atari shared several items and images from its hardware engineering lab that showcase the evolution of the hardware’s development cycle.

The legendary brand is keenly focused at E3 on the things that set the Atari VCS apart from more established game consoles and the platform’s performance capabilities while distancing the hardware from any lingering “retro-box” impressions. Like the modern hardware that it lives on, the Atari VCS digital interface stands out with a striking and modern design, successfully taking inspiration from a vast and beloved heritage. 

The Atari VCS launches into a color-splashed modern dashboard, which presents a selection of game and entertainment windows, plus a navigation menu of destinations like the Atari store, apps, and settings. The dashboard is anchored by a bold window in the center that can immediately reboot the system into the Atari Sandbox mode.

The Atari Sandbox Mode is what makes the Atari VCS a very different game and entertainment machine. Powered by an AMD Ryzen processor featuring Radeon Graphics technology, the VCS is an open platform capable of booting up and running multiple operating systems (Windows, Linux, etc.) to unlock the full power of a PC on your TV and the almost unlimited game, content, and apps available online. 

Accessing familiar operating systems like Windows, Ubuntu, Chrome OS, and others is easily accomplished by simply attaching an external USB drive that has the desired OS installed. From there, users can download any existing game libraries and other entertainment or productivity apps. The Atari VCS is fully compatible with any standard USB or Bluetooth keyboard, mouse, controllers, and most other PC peripherals; at E3 Atari had working prototype versions of its VCS Classic Joystick and VCS Modern Controller connected to its demo systems.

The key features of the Atari VCS on display at E3 include:

Modern PC Games: Using the Atari VCS Sandbox mode with a Windows or Ubuntu install, Atari is making a variety of popular and demanding triple-A PC games, Atari first-party titles, and cool Indie games available to play using the Atari VCS Modern Controller prototype and/or mouse and keyboard. This makes porting, downloading, and accessing existing game libraries easier while validating the high-performance capabilities of the Atari VCS hardware. In addition, the Atari VCS comes optimized for the future of cloud-streamed games.

4K HDR Movies and TV: Taking its place in the heart of the modern living room, Atari VCS is optimized for streaming of users’ favorite video entertainment apps. Every Atari VCS 800 system is 4K HDR capable out of the box for all apps and content types, while the Atari VCS 400 system delivers standard 1080p (4K available in certain apps and/or via RAM upgrade). Popular video apps like Netflix, Hulu, and Showtime, and browser-based channels like Twitch and YouTube come to life in vibrant 4K HDR thanks to the powerful AMD tech.

The entire Atari VCS lineup of systems, bundles, and peripherals are available now for preorder at,, and, for deliveries starting in March 2020. Pricing starts at $249.99 for the Atari VCS Onyx 400 (4GB) Base model and goes up to $389.99 for one of three Atari VCS 800 (8GB) All-In system bundles that include an Atari VCS Classic Joystick and Atari VCS Modern Controller. Additional international presale dates and retailers will be announced.

The Atari VCS Official Online Presale is for products scheduled to start shipping in March 2020 and offers varied hardware configurations, exclusive new designs, and three online retail destinations to choose from.

The Atari VCS is the new home gaming and video computer system aimed at transforming the TV-centric home entertainment experience. The Atari VCS blends the best of consoles and PCs to delight a whole new generation of gamers, fans, and creators who will “Discover What You and Atari Can Do.”

Atari plans to make several more product development updates and announcements this year that will include expanded details about games and entertainment content, software development protocols, expanded distribution and more. In addition, Atari will continue to provide periodic work-in-progress updates and product demonstrations via its Atari VCS Project Development blogs on 

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The Adventure Begins
You travel through an enchanted land, searching for the golden chalice. Fortunately, you find it before a dragon finds you. To celebrate this ADVENTURE, you dine with PAC-MAN, who is as charming as ever. Then, much as you hate to eat and run, it's off to the Razak Solar System to take part in YARS' REVENGE.

The Options Are Unlimited
This is just the beginning of the many fantasies you can enjoy on the ATARI Video Computer System game. And, there's no end to the excitement - because ATARI creates new Game Program cartridges all the time.

The Fun is Real
From colorful clowns to furry tarantulas, ATARI games feature graphics that are delightful and imaginative. And, from screeching missiles to mysterious footsteps, realistic sound effects add to the fun.

And It's Real Easy
All ATARI games are easy to learn, so everyone can enjoy them right away. Difficulty switches let you control the level of challenge - so a beginner can play a satisfying game against a pro. And, you can increase the level of difficulty as your skill increases.

We're bringing out a new group of easy-to-play games now that are specially designed to instruct and entertain young children ages six to ten.

It's a System You Can't Beat
The ATARI Video Computer System game consists of the game console, two sets of controllers, a power adapter, a TV antenna switch box, and the COMBAT Game Program cartridge (to start you off with a bang!)

The game console attaches easily to your television set.(It won't interfere with regular viewing.) The controllers and Game Program cartridges plug into the console, and open up a world of possibilities. Every ATARI product is built with strict quality control standards for dependable performance. And now, there's a network of local ATARI repair centers, to help keep your game in good working order. ATARI is the first home video game company to bring this important service to you.

Start Your ATARI Adventure Today
Turn the page, and discover the world of ATARI magic that's waiting for you.

The previous was from the 1982 Atari Video Computer System Catalog released by Atari, Inc, a Warner Communication Company, to showcase the Atari VCS and the 49 Game Program cartridges they had in the ever growing game collection available to play. The catalog of games and accessories described an exciting time for Atari and gamer's eager to play the latest releases. With categories, or what we now call genres, Atari grouped the exciting games in the Skill Gallery, Classics Corner, Space Station, Adventure Territory, Race Track, Sports Arena, Combat Zone, and Learning Center.

Fast forward nearly 40 years, Turn the page, and discover the world of ATARI magic that's waiting for you.....Again. 2019 marks yet another historic mark in the long and winding road that is the journey of the Atari brand. One of the most iconic brands in video game history, Atari has managed to stay afloat through good times and bad, and the road has led to this point, days drawing closer to the release of their next console. The new system, however, is not being marketed as simply a video game console, but a true "Video Computer System" for gaming, computing, and home entertainment, as a center piece to the family gathering area. Yes, other video game consoles have made this claim, but there are truly some interesting features that separate the all new Atari VCS from other consoles. First and foremost, the system is open. Based on Ubuntu Linux with a beautiful front end GUI designed by Atari, the latest announcements from Atari have indicated a sandbox mode, which allows booting the unit from USB into any operating system of the users choice. This opens the console up to endless possibilities for use case scenarios.

Another interesting move by Atari is the conscious decision to develop a console that truly merges the brands past with the present, to bring the brand into the future with the character that has developed over the nearly 40 year history. With a collection of classic Atari games built into the console at launch, the games catalog will have a strong start with hours of entertainment out of the box. Atari has been releasing more information about the consoles hardware, but have not yet released a lot of information about games outside of the in console packaged games. They have however, made it clear that they will be working on, and working with other game developers to release modern game titles for the new console. The merging of old and new is also on display with the updated VCS Classic Joystick and the Atari VCS Modern Controller.

As in the Atari Video Computer System Catalog released by Atari in 1982, Atari is creating a new experience once again, and we at Atari Edge can't wait to see if the following bullet points from the 1982 catalog stand true for the new Atari VCS.

The Adventure Begins
The Options Are Unlimited
The Fun is Real
And It's Real Easy
It's a System You Can't Beat

Start Your ATARI Adventure Again This Year.....

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When I was a young kid, my first experience with gaming was playing pinball on my grandmothers Commodore VIC-20. That same computer also provided my very first computer programming experience. After lines upon lines of code, meticulously typed in character by character from the BASIC programming manual that came with the computer, I typed in the RUN command. Shortly after pressing the RETURN key, I watched with extreme excitement, a square "ball" bounce around the screen. I remember running over to get my grandmother so I could show her the amazing task I had accomplished. From this day on, I was hooked.

After that first programming experience, I saved enough money to buy a used Commodore c64, and continued learning more about the BASIC programming language by checking books out of the library, and purchasing magazines that featured program code that readers could type in, then save to floppy disk or cassette tape. I unfortunately did not own either for my c64, so my time writing code was spent for one time use, but I had so much fun creating games, and typing in program code from the magazines, that I did not care. I was enjoying the process of creating.

After a few years, I saved enough money to buy a very early style laptop PC that was on sale at RadioShack. I asked my dad to take me to the local store, which was a common place for he and I to visit together, and when we arrived, he asked if I was sure I would use the new computer. Just then, the store manager completely changed my mind by showing me a brand new Color Computer 1, 2, and 3, as well as a box of game cartridges, cassette tapes, a cassette tape player, and joysticks. The computers, games, and peripherals he presented to me had far more value than a single laptop computer, so I walked out with every last piece of CoCo products they had in stock for the same price as the laptop I had originally intended on purchasing.

The enjoyment of creating games, and playing with using the joystick as a mouse of sorts, within programs that I wrote was amazing to me. Then there was the day that I found program code for the game Kaboom in a magazine, and after typing the incredibly crazy amount of line of code, the game played perfectly with the joystick, and this time, I was able to save my game to cassette tape. I was able to share the cassette tape with friends to play on their color computer. This was the start of creating my own games to save on cassette tape, and share with others. Though I was young, and the games were very basic, the enjoyment of creating games that I could share with others was very cool to me. These early computers created an incredibly creative environment for hobbyists and gamer's, as the programming language was built in, and by simply saving to cassette or floppy, it was easy to share your creations with others.

Through the years, as gaming moved more and more to consoles, and the environment was a closed system, the joy of creating simply to share with others became over time a lost enjoyment. Development for many gaming systems over the years was meant mostly for larger development companies, though in recent years, development has been open to more indie game developers, but nothing like the early days of computing and gaming that I experienced as a kid.

Lately there has been more information being released about the upcoming release of the Atari VCS, along with social media posts sharing more about the plan that Atari has for the new console. One of their top announcements lately is the open platform of the console.

 "A developer should never have to compete with the platform holder, the public should decide which game they want to buy and that is only possible on an open and neutral platform. Prepare to unlock your imagination. #AtariVCS"

As they have been announcing, Atari is planning an open and neutral platform, meant to unlock the creativity in anyone willing to develop on the unit. With no special development hardware required, and an SDK easily available, the enjoyment of coding for anyone that once was a major part of gaming, could be resurrected by Atari's next console release in early 2020.

 "Since game consoles and various set top boxes have existed, people have wanted to play with them, modify them, write code for them. This has traditionally been met with an iron first from the platform owners. Not anymore. #AtariVCS"

The open system that Atari has been promising could be a refreshing ode to the past when gaming, computing, and coding were a creative journey. Games like Minecraft, Roblox, etc. have brought an element of creating to gaming, but this remains on the game level. The Atari VCS promises this creative exploration on a system level, not just within a particular game. This is exciting to our team at Atari Edge, because this could lead to creative minds of all ages developing amazing games, and we cannot wait to see what great games we can cover and bring to our readers. The days of magazines providing program code to type in and learn from, beginning the creative journeys of enjoyment have for years been a thing of the past, but the fun of old could be resurrected by the Atari VCS.

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Atari® — one of the world's most iconic consumer brands and interactive entertainment producers — today proudly announces a partnership with revolutionary retro gaming platform Antstream Arcade. This partnership brings an enhanced and exclusive “Atari Edition” of Antstream’s game streaming service to the upcoming Atari VCS™ home gaming and entertainment system.

The exclusive Atari VCS edition of Antstream Arcade unlocks an instantly-accessible collection of classic video game titles. In addition to an existing library of 2,000+ officially licensed games, the exclusive Antstream Arcade Atari VCS app will include the largest collection of Atari games available on demand, in both original and enhanced edition formats, curated from across the brand’s many arcade, home, and handheld platforms. Accessible from the Atari VCS system dashboard at launch, the Antstream Arcade app for the Atari VCS offers a 30-day free trial, with subscription options available for $9.99(US)/month or $7.99(US)/month (total $95.88) for a yearly subscription.

Antstream Arcade is a perfect partner for Atari and its fans,” said Atari CEO Frédéric Chesnais. “Anstream’s offering lets players instantly access a vast library of games, including many Atari titles that have not been available for streaming before now. This partnership further cements the Atari VCS as a highly versatile entertainment platform and multimedia streaming device, built to embrace the best of classic and modern gaming.”

“Antstream is thrilled to partner with Atari to deliver the magic of the Antstream Arcade service to Atari VCS users,” said Antstream CEO Steve Cottam. “Our exclusive Atari VCS edition of the Antstream Arcade app puts us one step closer to fulfilling our mission of making every classic game all the way back to Pong available for retro gaming fans with a modern twist.”

Antstream Arcade on the Atari VCS will exclusively offer fifty (50) classic Atari titles at launch for new and existing Antstream Arcade users to enjoy whenever they sign on from their Atari VCS system, with additional games added on a steady basis. Antstream Arcade titles will be compatible with the Atari VCS Classic Joystick and Atari VCS Modern Controller, including rumble and LED lighting effects. Enhanced game editions with new functionality such as multiplayer and “pure” unmodified versions of classic Atari games will be available. In addition, Atari and Antstream Arcade will deliver a constant flow of all-new creative social challenges to engage and incentivize fans to experience their favorite retro games in unique ways. Popular Atari titles appearing via the Atari VCS Edition of Antstream Arcade include standalone retro classics — from Adventure, Night Driver™, Pong®, Tempest® 2000, and Yars’ Revenge® — and full Atari compilations from PlayStation, Xbox, and PC platforms.

In upcoming article's here at Atari Edge, we will take a closer look at the Atari partnership with Antstream, and the games that will be included at the launch of the Atari VCS.

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With the recent announcement of Atari's partnership with Antstream Arcade to bring a vast catalog of gaming classics through an exclusive version of the streaming subscription service, there has been some confusion about what will be included with the Atari VCS at launch. Through our conversations with Atari, and the information available on the official Atari VCS website, the console will have 100 Atari 2600 and arcade games available for gamer's to play through the included Atari Vault collection. The exclusive Antstream service will be a custom version of their service available to Atari VCS owners only, and will include additional Atari console and arcade games. Without the Atari VCS, Antstream subscribers will not have access to the exclusive catalog designed for the Atari VCS.

Beyond last weeks partnership announcement with Antstream Arcade, Atari has not released anything official as far as what games will be included in the exclusive Atari VCS streaming catalog, but based on the catalog included on the previously released Atari Vault, owners of the new system should have a good idea of what Atari 2600 and Arcade games will be included at launch on the console.

Relive the Golden Age of Gaming with 100 of the most popular iconic games from the 70’s and 80’s. This extensive catalog includes classic Atari® titles like Asteroids®, Centipede®, Missile Command®, and many more, now paired with the Atari Classic Joystick and the Atari Modern Controller.

When the original Atari Vault was released, the brand new additions of online and local multiplayer, along with Steam Leaderboards, allowed gamer's to challenge friends and compete with players from around the world like never before. With the release of the Atari VCS, it would be nice to see even more features unique to the VCS experience.

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There has been a lot of information flying around the internet the past few days regarding Atari and the all new Atari VCS. Whatever the source or quality of information, Atari backers and fans deserve to have as many answers as they can regarding the new console that gamers have been excited about. Since 2017, Atari Edge has been dedicated to bringing the latest Atari related news to our readers, and we will continue to do this as the unofficial source for Atari news. When it comes to the Atari VCS, we have exciting news regarding the new home gaming and video computer system. Set to transform the TV-centric home entertainment experience with an ever-expanding Atari world of all-new games, classic and remastered favorites, streaming media and personal apps, the Atari VCS has now entered pre-production, and despite what some media outlets have been delivering in their articles and videos, our sources have confirmed that the first wave of units will be shipping to Indiegogo backers this December!

Powered by a powerful AMD Ryzen processor featuring Radeon Graphics Technology, the newest images of the Atari VCS PCB provide a first-look at the hardware that will drive the system’s customizable and user-defined entertainment experience. In addition to the AMD Ryzen APU, the PCB features two USB 3.0 ports, one HDMI port, and an M.2 SATA solid-state port. On the underside of the board are twin upgradeable memory slots for SODIMM DDR4 RAM and two additional USB ports. Atari VCS engineers have developed a custom solution to cool the components efficiently while maintaining the system’s small footprint and sleek aesthetic. That sleek design has been something that many backers and fans have raved about since the very first rendered drawings, and it is great to see that Atari is committed to delivering the look and feel that they announced from the beginning.

Among other speculations recently, there has been some information that has led to backers, fans, and supporters thinking that the Atari VCS will be released without the custom Atari OS, but we have been told that the original plans are in place. Early images of the Atari VCS exterior case reveal a near-final look at the iconic system design while pre-production units are now also completely bootable to the core Atari BIOS. This software platform will allow users to interact with their Atari VCS either through the Atari VCS operating system or through Atari Sandbox Mode, which transforms the Atari VCS into an expandable multimedia PC running Windows or Linux.

The Atari VCS lineup of systems, bundles, and peripherals are available for preorder at, Walmart, and, for shipments starting in March 2020. Pricing starts at $249.99 USD for the Atari VCS 400 (4GB) Onyx Base model and goes up to $389.99 for one of three Atari VCS 800 (8GB) “All-In” system bundles that include the Atari VCS Classic Joystick (available separately for $49.99) and Atari VCS Modern Controller ($59.99), which were created in partnership with PowerA. Atari will announce international presale dates soon.

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Since the initial announcement of the Atari VCS, there has been much excitement, anticipation, and skepticism surrounding Atari's new game console. It appears that some might take slow press releases to mean there is no further development, while others stand strong in their belief that the new Atari VCS will be an amazing unit.

For anyone interested in learning more details about the launch of the Atari VCS, the Atari VCS Team released a Q&A with Atari COO Michael Arzt just after getting back from extended trips to China, where they worked with their manufacturing partners on final details of the console. In the Q&A, they discuss hardware, software, the Atari VCS graphical user interface, launch dates, and partners, among other topics.

With many wondering if the unit will ever get released, Atari has confirmed that their target release date to the public is March 2020, and backers will still receive there units prior to the general public. Michael Arzt explained that the Atari VCS Team felt it extremely important to make sure the hardware and software developed for the unit were of the highest quality prior to releasing to backers or the general public. The change to the all new AMD Ryzen was part of the decision making process when it came to providing the highest quality product as possible.

During the interview, Michael Arzt also shared some initial photos of the first Atari VCS pre-production units. He also explained that the company and manufacturing partners are getting close to mass production.

Another rumor that had been traveling around the internet recently was that Atari was going to be releasing the VCS without the Atari UI and storefront, rather, the units would be shipped with the sandbox mode only, making it a small PC only. According the this latest Q&A, any rumors of the type are not true. The Atari VCS will be shipped to both backers and the general public with a fully functioning Atari UI as well as the planned storefront. This customer UI is being developed in Unity, and is superior to the UI that was on display for reporters during E3.

Though he could not talk in detail, Michael Arzt did state that there are several large design studios lined up for launch titles.

     "Building a complex product like the Atari VCS from scratch takes time and care, and with any gaming and video platform, content in particular involves extensive discussions and cooperation with third-party partners. As tempting as it might be, we can’t comment publicly on confidential partnerships and licensing discussions while they are in progress. As you can imagine, we are talking about some large brands that have rigorous confidentiality guidelines."

This is great news for fans interested in knowing what type of games to expect at launch. Atari had already recently announced the partnership with Antstream to release an Atari Exclusive monthly streaming service for retro games, and the latest news from this Q&A let's fans know that there will be some large brands developing games for the Atari VCS. Michael Arzt also confirmed that the Atari VCS will have original games, native apps, and a browser experience, but did not confirm if any games will be Atari VCS exclusives.

As we mentioned in a previous article, with game streaming subscription products like Google Stadia, Apple Arcade, etc. the gaming market appears to be moving in that direction. Mobile gaming is a huge business as well, bringing a lot of excitement to the launch of the Atari VCS, and continuing the legacy of the already world known iconic brand.

To read more in the Atari VCS Q&A with COO Michael Arzt Click Here.....

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• Final development and production test phases underway for its commercial launch in the
US in March 2020
• Compatibility with the Unity game engine, which is used in nearly 50% of all games
• The Atari VCS makes it easy to access and stream games

Atari®, one of the world's most iconic consumer brands and interactive entertainment producers, announces today that the final development and production test phases are underway for the launch of the Atari VCS planned for March 2020 in the United States. The units preordered through the Indiegogo campaign will still benefit from a priority delivery. Furthermore, Atari is announcing the compatibility of the Atari VCS with the Unity game engine, offering a better user experience and access to a large variety of games.

The Atari VCS aims to transform the TV-centric home entertainment experience. Users will enter an everexpanding Atari world of all-new games, classic and remastered favorites, streaming media and personal apps. The Atari VCS is also a personal computer; thanks to its Atari Sandbox mode, users can download the operating system of their choice and adapt the Atari VCS’ memory.

Atari is also announcing that the Atari VCS will be compatible with the Unity game engine, the development platform used in nearly half of all games worldwide. This will enable Unity’s community of developers to offer their content on the VCS and benefit from proactive support from Unity. The Atari VCS user interface and the Atari VCS Store will also be developed using Unity.

With Unity compatibility and its exclusive partnership with the Antstream Arcade retro game streaming
service, already announced at the end of September, the Atari VCS clearly stands out as a modern
entertainment hub at the heart of people’s living rooms. The full benefits of these technological and strategic choices can be seen in light of the recent announcements for new cloud gaming and streaming services: Google® has just launched its cloud gaming service Stadia® and Microsoft® has confirmed that it will be launching its xCloud® service in 2020.

“The Atari VCS’ open architecture makes it an ideal tool for accessing the market’s growing selection of entertainment offers”, confirms Frédéric Chesnais, Atari’s CEO. “The compatibility with Unity, the game engine used by the majority of developers, reflects this open philosophy, providing developers with all the tools needed to be present on our platform. The gaming industry is evolving with new business models made possible by major technological advances and we have designed the Atari VCS to maximize the choices and possibilities available to users for these new entertainment formats”.

Prices range from $249.99 for the Atari VCS 400 Onyx base model (4Gb memory) to $389.99 for one of the three Atari VCS 800 (8Gb memory) system bundles that include an Atari VCS Classic Joystick and Atari VCS Modern Controller. US customers can preorder the Atari VCS on, and

A full interview with Michael Arzt, COO of Atari VCS, answering frequently asked questions about the Atari VCS was recently conducted. Read about the Q&A HERE.....

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In a recent announcement, Atari has confirmed that the official commercial release date of the Atari VCS will be in March 2020, while the original backers should receive their units between now and the public release. Currently the Atari VCS can be preordered at Walmart, GameStop, and on the Atari VCS website. The VCS, Atari's latest gaming console and streaming device has some differences that separate it from other consoles on the market, and in this article, we are going to take a closer look at the features that could make this console a success once it hits the market.

The Atari VCS will have new games, classic games, triple A games, indie games, and home brew games available, as well as the Linux based Atari Operating System pre-loaded with Atari Vault, which includes over 100 classic Atari games. Also available for download will be original and additional classic games, as well as cloud streaming of games. One of the exciting features of the cloud streaming service is the availability of modern updates and esports versions of classic Atari hits.

The streaming partnership with AntStream will be available at launch, and will have a 30 day free trial, with additional subscription options starting at $9.99 a month, and as little as $7.99 a month. The enhanced Atari Edition exclusive AntStream service will only be available to the Atari VCS, and will bring an existing library of 2,000 officially licensed retro gaming classics to the VCS at launch. The Atari VCS edition is the largest collection of streaming Atari games available on demand in original and enhanced formats, and will be included in the Atari VCS dashboard at launch. We can't wait to review the updated and enhanced versions of the included Atari classics for Atari Edge readers. We have already began to compile a list of classic hits that we would like to revisit on the Atari VCS.

One of the biggest recent changes for gamer's wanting to know more about what third party games will be available is that the Atari VCS will be compatible with the Unity Game Engine. This is great news for game development and gamer's alike, as the Unity Engine is the leading game development platform with partners such as Microsoft, Apple, Google, Sony, Nintendo, and Steam to name a few. With Walt Disney Animation Studios, Pixar, Blizzard Entertainment, and StudioMDHR, creators of the award winning game Cuphead, among others using the Unity Game Engine for development, as well as proactive support that Atari and Unity has worked out, there should be a clear path for porting existing games to the Atari VCS platform, bringing top rated third party games to Atari's new console. Atari's commitment to Unity compatibility will run across the VCS ecosystem as the Atari VCS User Interface and the Atari VCS Store will also be developed using Unity.

Mobile games are now a large part of the gaming industry. Atari has planned for bridging the gap between mobile and console gaming by making available games with VCS and mobile cross-play. Along with gaming, the Atari VCS App Store will also include entertainment apps, communication apps, and productivity apps.

Atari plans to have new and classic games, in-game items, TV and movies, music, online services, subscriptions, streaming, cloud storage, and smart home integration available on the Atari VCS. Peripherals and licensed accessories including joysticks, game controllers, speakers, headphones, and devices will also be available for the system, as well as licensed merchandise, apparel, collectibles, etc. for Atari VCS fans.

January 20, 2020 - Original Article -> Here

With CES 2020 wrapped up, we are taking a look at some of the Atari related highlights that took place during this years show. The annual trade show takes place at the Las Vegas Convention Center in Las Vegas, NV. This year, the show was held from January 7th to January 10th.

The Atari VCS was on display at CES 2020, and PC Mag, among others, spent some hand's on time with Atari's new console. The Atari VCS team had meetings with partners, retailers, distributors, and others throughout the week. The team demonstrated the Atari VCS dashboard GUI , Atari Vault, Antstream Arcade streaming service, as well as the PC sandbox mode, which will provide gamer's with the ability to boot into Windows or Linux, as well as access to Steam games. Get your Atari VCS at

Atari also had the finished models of the Atari VCS on display to show how the finished products will look when shipped to backers and pre-order consumers. Beyond the console, the all new modern controller and classic joystick were also on display, as well as a keyboard and mouse setup to show the full capability of the console, and the possibility for console peripherals. The Atari VCS 3200 Crystal Ghost clear plastic model was on display to show off the consoles internals, including components from manufacturing partner Kingston. Upgrades to storage and memory were also displayed.

Some of the games and features highlighted at CES 2020 were the GUI, initial setup, Atari Vault, Apps, and the highly talked about Sandbox mode, including Windows 10, Ubuntu, and Debian. The Atari VCS Team even shared some Fortnite game play in Sandbox mode. CES attendees also tested out games from the Atari VCS downloaded Steam, Epic and GOG libraries, including Fortnite, Borderlands 2, Basketball Classics, and others. This showcased the expand-ability and capability of the Atari VCS console.

A feature that was not previously talked about, but was on display at CES is the ability to download operating systems such as Windows 10 and Ubuntu to a USB storage drive from the Atari VCS store. The VCS interface makes it easy to download, install, and set up and OS for use in Sandbox mode.

Atari also worked with their partners GAEMS, PowerA, and Kingston by displaying units in their respective CES Suites. Another VCS partner on display was Antstream, which will be providing the Atari VCS with an exclusive Atari VCS game streaming service. The version of Antstream that was showcased at CES will include over 2000 streaming games and an additional collection of Atari gaming content. Every Atari VCS will ship with a 30 day free trial of the Antstream service.