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Friday, March 13, 2020

Atari Launching Mobile Avicii Music Game

Atari recently announced that they have entered into a ten-year agreement with the independent Swedish game development studio Hello There Games. This agreement follows the recently announced launch of “Mob Empire” (already launched in closed beta) and of “Atari Combat: Tanks & Puzzles” (soft launch delayed by a few days from March 2020 to April 2020). The agreement with Hello There Games covers the publishing and distribution of music games primarily for mobile and social platforms based on the world renowned electronic music artist AVICII and other artists to come. Hello There Games will be the developer and Atari will be the publisher of these games. Atari does not have an ownership stake in the studio.

Hello There Games is an independent game studio, founded in 2009 in Gothenburg, Sweden who have worked with many corporate leaders such as Sony, Volvo, Toyota, Puma, Ducati, and Universal to name a few.

The first game from this agreement is AVICII Invector for mobile platforms and Facebook, scheduled to be released in Q2 2020. This game brings a fast-paced rhythmic experience in the form of a tribute to AVICII, a global icon of electronic dance music, who passed away in 2018. Hello There Games, has already released the game on PS4, XBox and Steam, and it has received critical acclaim.

Atari and Hello There Games have long term plans to develop new games with other artists and to extend the games into other music genres using the Invector platform, which is customizable and can be used for other music games. The agreement also includes access to the full catalog of Atari games and IP, in order to explore the potential to adapt some classic Atari games using the Invector platform.

With such a large IP catalog, Atari and Hello There Games have a lot to choose from for future games. A new Tempest, Asteroids, or Major Havoc would be a great start to new Atari games based on the Invector platform.