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Sunday, March 15, 2020

Atari Luxor King's Collection

Publisher: Atari
Developer / Studio: Mumbo Jumbo
Platform: PC (Individual games available for Mac)
Genre: Marble Popper
Release Date: 2018

Are you a fan of marble shooting games? Well a classic is back with Luxor King's Collection, a release of Luxor games by Atari and Mumbo Jumbo, including Luxor, Luxor 2, Luxor Amun Rising, and Luxor Mahjong. The matching and marble-popping action will captivate you in the three unique Egyptian-themed puzzler's, while classic mahjong matching and epic adventure are presented in the final game of the collection. Luxor King's Collection is available at Wal-Mart and provides hours of action and entertainment, while individual Luxor games are Available Here.

Click Here To Get Luxor
Luxor: The mysterious goddess, Isis, has enlisted you to battle Set and his evil minions. The challenge will not be an easy one. Use your mystical winged scarab to shoot magical spheres and destroy the approaching colored spheres by making matches of three or more. Stop them all before they can reach the pyramids at the ends of the paths... or all of Egypt is doomed!

88 levels
Innovative gameplay
Exciting powerups

Click Here To Get Luxor 2
Luxor 2: The great goddess Isis has enlisted you to help her battle the god Set and his evil minions. Journey through Egypt as you work to thwart Set's diabolical plans. A green and gold scarab will push a chain of spheres toward your pyramids. It can only be destroyed by eliminating all the spheres in the chain or by being crushed from behind by another chain. Set will not be pleased with your interference, but don't let his minions win in Luxor 2!

More than a dozen power-ups
3 difficulty levels
High scores Hall of Fame

Click Here To Get Luxor Amun Rising
Luxor Amun Rising: Glory and Adventure await as you return to save Ancient Egypt from certain doom. In this sequel to the runaway hit action-puzzle game, you must defeat the rebellious Princes of Megiddo before they overthrow the Pharaoh and plunge the Two Lands into chaos. Once again, the challenge will not be an easy one as you battle through 88 awesome levels.

88 explosive levels
Exciting scorpion power-ups
Non-stop action and puzzle solving

Click Here To Get Luxor Mahjong
Luxor Mahjong: Embark on an epic quest to recover the stolen treasures of Egypt. This Egyptian spin on a classic matching game will keep you searching the Ancient land for mysterious secrets and hidden chambers. Three difficulty settings ensure that any player will find a challenge, and 3 exotic tile sets make this game a truly custom experience. Let your journey begin!

3 gameplay modes.
200 original layouts.
5 magical powerups.