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Wednesday, March 25, 2020

The Edge: We take a look at Missile Command: Recharged

When you hear Atari 2600, what is one of the first games that comes to your mind? For many people, the Atari classic Missile Command is definitely one of the games on that list of top games that come to mind. Missile Command was originally released to the arcades in 1980, and shortly after was converted to the Atari 2600. Later versions of Missile Command were released on other platforms including the Atari Lynx and Atari Jaguar. I remember spending hours playing the Atari 2600 version as a kid. Like with many games, I kept a list of my high scores in a tablet for anyone to read over, and take up the challenge to top my high score.

Atari is celebrating the 40th anniversary of the launch of the beloved Missile Command with a revamped version for Android and iOS devices. Missile Command: Recharged is the latest in the Missile Command IP, and during our initial testing of the game, we have nothing but good things to say about the beta version. With the full public release just around the corner, we wanted to give some thoughts on the relaunch of this iconic game.

"Missile Command: Recharged™ is a reimagining of the beloved classic with fast-paced, arcade action where players must defend their bases by blasting an endless barrage of missiles hailing from the sky. Launch counter-missiles to protect your base"

For fans of Missile Command, the latest version will be easy to pick up and play, and will fulfill any nostalgic needs. For others possibly playing for the first time, the mobile version of this Atari classic will give action seekers hours of fun as they build up their power up weapons and play to top their own personal high scores as well as the online leader board.

The graphics, sound, and additional artwork that was developed for Missile Command: Recharge keeps the classic Atari look while taking advantage of modern game play for today's mobile gaming platforms. After spending some time playing Missile Command: Recharged, it was easy for us to know that Missile Command was a perfect game to bring to the modern mobile gamer's.

"For Missile Command: Recharged, Atari Teamed up with Nickervision to put together a retro/modern masterpiece." - Atari Edge

The game play is familiar to anyone who has played Missile Command on other platforms. During game play, the challenge of protecting your base increasingly becomes challenging as more missiles gradually launch toward each of your counter-missile bases. As you are blasting oncoming issues, power ups will randomly fly across the screen to help increase your blasting power. Successfully shoot a power up and you will gain the additional power it holds. A few of our favorite power ups are S (Shield) places a shield on each of your bases, B (Bomb) sends out a blast that clears the screen, R (Rapid) allows you to blast your missiles more rapidly, and M (Mega) blasts over sized blasts that increases the range of reach for your missiles.

As you earn points, you can upgrade your weapons by spending your points on Power, Reload, Speed, and Rebuild upgrades. Early beta versions of the game have a few options, 10 language's, sound on/off, music on/off, and vibrate on/off.

Beta version's of games can be bugging and lagging, but during our testing Missile Command: Recharged, there were no issues with game play. This leaves us with confidence that when the final version of the game hits the Google Play Store and Apple App Store, mobile gamer's will have a solid game to provide fast paced arcade action.