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Sunday, April 26, 2020

Atari Flip's The Switch On Atari VCS Production, Pre-Order Yours Today

Atari has recently flipped the switch, and production of the Atari VCS is now underway. According to Atari, the first batch of 500 units are earmarked for additional content developers, merchant and distributor samples, and other critical business uses such as standard reliability testing. Following the distribution of the earmarked units, Atari will be focusing on the 10,000 Collector’s Edition and Onyx units going to the Indiegogo Backers, followed by additional pre-orders, etc.

With the initial run of 500 going to content developers, etc. this looks to be a good sign for future games and content releases for the VCS, if not launch day titles. Atari has taken some heat about not releasing more information regarding the games that will be developed for the unit, but they also have taken good steps to make sure the VCS ships with a large library of games on launch day. The unit will deliver with the Atari Vault collection of games built in giving gamer's 100+ classic Atari games to play. With the Atari releasing the new Atari VCS wireless joystick and controller, this will give gamer's a new refreshed gaming experience with the collection of classic hits that are known and loved by many.

Atari has also partnered with classic gaming streaming service Antstream to provide an even larger library of classic hits from many of your favorite gaming platforms, as well as additional Atari classics, redesigned to take full advantage of the Atari VCS features.

Another move that Atari has made is its recent acquisition of the Wonder mobile gaming platform and WonderOS, with their intention of ultimately integrating Wonder technology into future editions of the Atari VCS gaming and entertainment platform so that users can one day enjoy their home experience on the go. This is exciting news for Atari VCS customers, as Atari is not only making plans for launch day gaming, or near future releases, but also long term gaming to make the Atari VCS a pioneer in multiple gaming ventures for the platform.

With production underway, Game Stop is now listing the pre-order release date of 12/31/2020. If you want to get in on the ALL NEW ATARI VCS, don't delay. PRE-ORDER NOW !!!