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Wednesday, April 22, 2020

The Edge: We Review Pong Quest

We at Atari Edge knew it was coming, we anticipated the release, and even debated whether a game of this type would be fun to play. We, however, never expected to finally get the game, start playing it, then days later realize we have taken a ton of notes, written our thoughts, but could not put the controller down long enough to finish and post the article. Even while writing the article, I found myself diving back into the dungeons. The game I am talking about is Atari's latest release Pong Quest, available now on Steam, with console releases coming soon. Yes, that's right folks, the year is 2020, and that is not a misprint, pong is back and better than ever. From the opening theme music, this game puts the player in an upbeat gaming mood, with a classic vibe.

Pong quest has several modes, including a local battle mode for up to 4 players, a local classic mode for retro 2 player action, and an online mode with Quick Play, Anything Goes, Competitive, and Classic options. The online mode also includes an online leaderboard, but the beauty of Pong Quest is in the quest. The thought of the classic Atari Pong game being married with an RPG is something that, well let's just get right down to it, that thought has never crossed our minds, but here we are reviewing a very interesting one of a kind RPG featuring Pong paddle kings, enemies, allies, and you the Pong paddle hero that is embarking on a dungeon diving journey with pong battles and more pong balls than one adventurer would ever really need.

After getting into the game, it did not take long to realize that Pong games as a battle feature in an RPG is an excellent idea and makes the battles much more entertaining as well as challenging than choosing whether to attack, cast a spell, or run. As you move on through the game, the battles become increasingly harder, and increasingly more fun as the battles become faster paced.

Pro Tip: Be sure to practice using different types of balls early in the game. As teh enemy paddles get harder, it becomes more difficult to learn to switch the balls.

Pro Tip: Hit escape when playing on PC to bring up a menu that let's you view the Ball Library, Quest Journal, Settings, Quit To Hub, and Quit To Menu. Quit To Hub to quickly navigate to new areas from the Main Hub.

When you enter a new dungeon, speak to the Allie standing in the first room. The Allie paddle will give you a special quest to complete in order to earn a reward. As you journey through your quest, walk through the plants in the dungeons to find coins. Collecting coins early on will help later in the game, when you find shops selling additional balls and even clothing and accessories. Customizing your paddle is par of the fun, so buy some interesting clothing with your coins, and get creative.

Throughout the dungeons, you will find treasure chests. Some are unlocked and others are locked with chains. Find and battle the paddle in the room that is carrying the key to retrieve the key needed to open the locked chest. In the Boss level, you will need to defeat the paddle with the key to open the chest that holds the boss key, to open the door to the Boss's room. Some rooms will have a vortex spinning in the center of the room. If you choose to enter the vortex, you will be challenged with a mini game. Be careful with your choice however, because if you lose the mini game, you will lose many of your times as they get sucked into the vortex. Another fun aspect of Pong Quest is the mini games that some paddles have to offer you throughout your quest.

While battling through the game, your skill level increases after defeating each paddle in a pong battle. After increasing to a new level, you are given a choice of 3 different power ups. HP increasing, Extra Inventory Slot, and Room Radar, which shows all rooms on your mini map, even if you've yet to discover them, are a few power ups that are helpful early on in the game.

Pro Tip: A tactic as the game goes on is to avoid most of the paddles until you get to know the map and what paddles are most important to defeat first.

Pro Tip: Each time you go into a dungeon area, the layout of the rooms change.

So what do we think of Pong Quest? A classic RPG with classic Pong works very well together. The graphics are as good as they need to be to cloth Pong Paddles, and give them characteristics. The dungeon maps are similar to most classic role playing dungeon crawling games and works well. The music is what gives Pong Quest a major boost in quality. The sound track while you battle your way through the Quest gives the gaming experience a solid level up. The overall game play is challenging enough for experienced gamer's, yet easily playable for all levels of gamer's.

Graphics: 6/10
Music: 9/10
Game Play: 8/10
Overall Fun Factor: 8/10

PONG-ready players can paddle their way into the fun of PONG Quest right now on Windows PC via Steam with a limited-time 20% discount off of the regular price of $14.99 USD. PONG Quest will launch on Nintendo Switch™, PlayStation®4, and Xbox One later this spring.

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