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Saturday, June 6, 2020

Missile Command: Recharged For Nintendo Switch, Mobiles Younger, Tougher Sibling

My family and I recently watched Back To The Future parts 1, 2, and 3. The entertainment value of all three movies still holds up in 2020. The same can also be said about an Atari classic that recently made it's way to modern devices. Missile Command was originally released in the Arcades in 1980, with a port for the Atari 2600 released in 1981.

Based on the beloved arcade classic, and here to celebrate its 40th anniversary, Missile Command: Recharged delivers a visually captivating, deliciously difficult experience expertly designed for play on modern devices. This new game from interactive entertainment producer Atari is a reimagined and, quite literally, recharged take on the iconic arcade game, Missile Command.

Protect cities from devastating aerial missile bombardment using all-new power-ups, defensive measures, and an arsenal of special counter-missiles. As a 21st century reimagining of the beloved original, Missile Command: Recharged appeals to those that fondly remember playing the original or its many iterations, and a whole new generation of gamers that are looking for fast-paced, arcade goodness.

The Windows PC (Steam) and Nintendo Switch launch follow the highly successful release of Missile Command: Recharged on iOS and Android mobile devices in April. Missile Command: Recharged will also release on PC through the Epic Store very soon. Partnering with Epic Games to released a PC version along with Steam is a great sign of where Atari is today. In 2018, RollerCoaster Tycoon Adventures was released for PC on the Epic Store. Continuing to partner with Epic Games to release future titles will be good for Atari, and great for Atari VCS fans, as this allows another avenue of gaming for the upcoming system.

We reviewed Missile Command: Recharged for Android mobile devices, and recently spent some time playing the Nintendo Switch release. The games are very similar, but one thing that has stuck out to us from the start is that the newly released Nintendo Switch version is the mobile versions younger, tougher sibling, and wow does it deliver challenging fun to the Nintendo Switch.

"The newly released Nintendo Switch version is the mobile versions younger, tougher sibling, and WOW does it deliver challenging fun to the Nintendo Switch." 

Game play on mobile devices is quite different from the traditional Missile Command game play, with the control of missiles by touchscreen movements. With the addition of Joy-Con controls, the Nintendo Switch version of Missile Command: Recharged brings an option of game play similar to the original. With this new game play, also comes a bit more challenge. Tapping the mobile device screen or the Nintendo Switch screen is a simplistic gaming environment that brings a very low learning curve. By playing with the Joy-Con, gamer's now have the challenge of moving the cross hairs around the screen in a precise way and pressing an action button to launch the missiles. This game play greatly increases the difficulty level of the game.

As in the mobile version of the game, Missile Command: Recharged on the Nintendo Switch allows the player to build up points to be used to purchase upgrades. As you purchase upgrade levels in Power, Reload, Speed, and Rebuild, the amount of points needed to purchase the next level upgrade increases after each purchase. A few of our favorite power ups are S (Shield) places a shield on each of your bases, B (Bomb) sends out a blast that clears the screen, R (Rapid) allows you to blast your missiles more rapidly, and M (Mega) blasts over sized blasts that increases the range of reach for your missiles.

Like the mobile version, the graphics, sound, and additional artwork that was developed for Missile Command: Recharge on the Nintendo Switch keeps the classic Atari look while taking advantage of modern game play for today's gaming platforms. After spending some time playing Missile Command: Recharged, it was easy for us to know that Missile Command was a perfect game to bring to the Nintendo Switch.

For fans of Missile Command, the latest version will be easy to pick up and play, and will fulfill any nostalgic needs. For others possibly playing for the first time, the mobile version of this Atari classic will give action seekers hours of fun as they build up their power up weapons and play to top their own personal high scores as well as the online leader board.